After more than 60 years experience in the wine sector, it was the third-generation's decision to enter the world of distillates.

In 2016, Kintonis winery conquers the title of distillery by acquiring its first discontinuous copper-inox pot still.

For the distillation, grapes of aromatic varieties, grown in the mountains of Aigialeia, are selected. The pomace, after the end of the alcoholic fermentation, are stored airtight in low temperatures, until the distillation. The distillation process takes place in a high-neck discontinuous copper pot still, creating a reciprocation phenomenon where, due to lower temperature at the top of the neck, fewer congeners are able to rise in vapour form and enter the final product. As a result, the spirits produced have a lighter and delicate flavor intensity. Not all the liquid collected from the distillation is used, but only the "heart", that has a higher alcohol concentration and pure scents. The "heads" that come out first and the "tails" that come last are not used as they are dangerous. Tsipouro is stored in small stainless tanks.

The tsipouro of Kintonis family is available in two versions, one without anise, where the aromas of the grape variety prevail and one with anise, where the botanical aromas in the distillate are stronger.

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